PSE (Rubimed™ Psychosomatic Energetics Therapy) is a Biosomatic Technique™️ that can identify energetic interference and subconscious emotional conflicts in the human energy field. These can be resolved using specially formulated homeopathic remedies which neutralize conflicts and energetic blockages, helping to restore health and well-being. PSE is based on the principle that a harmonious energy system is important for mental, emotional and physical health.

Developed by physician Dr. Reimar Banis in Germany, Rubimed™ PSE uses applied kinesiology testing to determine active emotional conflicts and appropriate remedies for its resolution. The remedies have been clinically proven to resolve negative health effects resulting from psychological trauma, anxiety and stress. A two year study conducted in 10 European clinics with 1002 cases showed an 86.5% success rate using the Rubimed™ remedies for resolving anxiety, depression, behavioral disorders, pain, adrenal burnout, sleep disorders, autonomic dysfunctions, respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions, allergies, hormonal disorders, and skin conditions, among others.