+ Addley G. Beaverdam, VA: “I began taking my son to NAET when he was 7 years old" READ MORE

”He was an extremely difficult child. He had quite a list of troublesome symptoms, and I had no idea how to help him. He had ADHD, the inability to memorize math facts and words needed for reading which made school next to impossible, an explosive temper, nosebleeds, headaches, talked in a loud voice, would flop to the ground for no real reason, and was highly irritable, whiny and irritating. Then he began to develop Tourette’s symptoms... throat clearing and strange facial tics. And he also had night terrors and scared me with his sleepwalking. As soon as Ana began seeing my son, she immediately recognized the symptoms of a salicylate sensitivity and recommended putting him on a low salicylate diet, which made many of his symptoms go away pretty quickly. We found out he was highly reactive to salicylates in foods and household products, especially anything with fragrant smells like Glade plugins, scented candles, Grandma’s perfume and dryer sheets. Ana figured out the right treatment combinations to help my son cope in the world around him. He has an unbelievable turnaround. He now can smell someone’s perfume without becoming super angry and can eat many foods without bouncing off the walls. Plus he is able to do his schoolwork now!! He told me that before NAET his brain felt like it was constantly fuzzy. And now he says he can think clearly. This has been such a miracle for him and our family. We are so grateful for NAET and Ana!!"

+ Maureen G. Beaverdam, VA: “NAET has significantly improved my family’s physical and emotional health, and I’m incredibly thankful!" READ MORE

”My kids and I have all had miraculous turnarounds since starting NAET and have learned so much about how our bodies react to allergens and can heal. Ana has taught us so much! Two of my children were being treated with such positive results that I began NAET as well. I initially went for my horrible spring allergies. Each spring when the tree and grass pollen came out, I stopped going outside. My throat would almost close when farmers would do their first cutting of hay, and it truly scared me. I lived on Zyrtec and Benadryl daily. Life was difficult with 3 kids who badly wanted to play outside in the beautiful spring weather. I was forced to watch many of my boys’ baseball games from the car. Ana used her detective skills to figure out my allergies including some interesting emotional issues tied to them, and then she used NAET to get my body to stop reacting. Now I can enjoy spring outside again without allergy meds. This is so wonderful!! Ana also helped me with migraines that I’d had since I was a teenager, as well as hormone imbalances, thyroid and adrenal problems, a painful ovarian cyst, brain fog and even trouble with my teeth. I had my mercury fillings removed and NAET helped me detox the mercury from my body. I am so grateful for Ana’s kindness, compassion and vast amount of knowledge and for the ability of NAET to heal."

+ Katie S. Richmond, Va: “A friend of mine referred me to Ana about a year ago" READ MORE

”I truly can’t thank her enough for bringing Ana into my life. I suffered from a terrible histamine allergy. I went to multiple doctors and they all suggested a low FODMAP diet which is very restrictive. That diet didn’t help me and I was still breaking out in a huge rash all over my face, neck, chest, and arms when I would have histamines (they’re in a ton of food).

After my first session with Ana, I had full confidence she was going to be able to help me. After six months of treatments, I was able to eat and drink anything I’d like without a reaction. It’s been life changing for me. My quality of life has improved incredibly and I’m beyond grateful.

If you suffer from allergies of any kind, I can’t recommend Ana’s services enough. Be patient with the process and listen to her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and caring."

+ Beatrice G, Va: “My daughter was 2 when we found NAET." READ MORE

"She was extremely itchy all over her body. She had constipation. And she wasn’t talking. Her little body was inflamed, and she was reacting to just about all foods, environmental allergens and chemicals. She would scratch her skin until she removed it and was bleeding. I had her in Scratch Sleeves 24-7 to try to save her skin. It was such a miserable time in our lives. I had taken her to all the doctors and specialists, and tried so many diets, creams, supplements, and medicines... anything anyone suggested to help my little girl. Nothing helped. Most things I tried made her worse. Then I learned about NAET. I was nervous to try it because I thought it sounded crazy and I’d already tried so many things without success. But I was so desperate to find my baby girl some relief that I decided to just try it. NAET is non-invasive; no medicine; no allergy shots; nothing painful, so I decided that the worse that could happen was nothing. Right away at my daughter’s first appointment, I immediately loved Ana’s compassion! So many doctors had not cared at all about my daughter or our horrible struggle with constant scratching and misery. Ana cared. She understood. And she was confident she could help my daughter. That alone made me want to cry and hug her. After starting NAET, my daughter was slowly able to eat foods without reacting. (Before NAET she was down to 3 foods... beef, pork and rice.) It was miraculous that she could eat! Her body was healing! And then after her vitamin A treatment, she began to talk!! And then she began to sing!! Her biggest food allergy was eggs. I carried an Epi-Pen in case she was accidently exposed to eggs. Ana treated her for eggs, and now today my daughter gathers eggs from our chickens and eats eggs most days. This is incredible!! Also her biggest environmental allergy was to our dog. After being treated for dogs and many boosts, my daughter happily hugs and plays with our dog without any itching, rashes or hives. Some of many things my daughter used to react to, was treated for and now is good with include... wheat and other grains like corn an oats, all dairy, yeast, gelatin, C and B vitamins, most all fruits and veggies, all pollen, grasses, trees, weeds, molds, ozone sprayed at the grocery store, plastics, polyester, cotton, formaldehyde, vaccines, silver nitrate, salicylates, oxalates, perfumes, wow the list goes on and on. I’m so grateful that today my daughter is loving life as a normal kid."

+ Kelly E., Richmond, Va: "Ana has helped my daughter immensely over the past year" READ MORE

"My daughter had suffered with ear infections for years and was constantly on antibiotics. We finally got the infections under control but her stomach constantly hurt and she had rashes all over her body. As she worked with Ana her stomach aches and rashes disappeared. She doesn’t feel sick and she finally stated to grow after being the same height and weight for 2 years. Thank you Ana!!"

+ MARCY P.: “Our family is so thankful to have found Ana and NAET Virginia." READ MORE

"Last year, our 3 year-old son was diagnosed with a chronic allergy/immune condition. We first took the advice of our pediatric gastroenterologist which was to follow an elimination diet (to attempt to rule out various food allergy categories) and also take acid blocking medication. After seeing no improvement with our son’s health over the course of a few months, we happened to learn about NAET treatments and NAET Virginia.

We live two hours from the Richmond area, so each appointment was a 5-6 hour investment of time due to the 4-5 hours of travel time. However, Ana’s expertise and the benefits of NAET made it worth every second. After a few months of NAET treatments with Ana, our son’s health and well-being dramatically improved. He doesn’t have to avoid any foods nor take medication, and more importantly, he now acts like a normal kid who has energy to play.

I also received NAET treatments for environmental allergies (pollen, grass, mold, flowers, pet dander, dust) and hormone imbalances, and I haven’t felt better in years.

We are incredibly lucky to have met Ana. Her passion for helping others is evident, and her experience as a NAET practitioner combined with her background in nutrition and calm and caring demeanor makes Ana a true healer. If you are suffering from any type of allergies or an auto-immune condition, we highly recommend Ana and NAET Virginia.”

+ KRISTY D WADE, VA: "She is so in tune with her clients, and makes them her #1 priority. It blew my mind that my daughter could so quickly begin having the things she had just tested as intolerant to!" READ MORE

“My 8 year old daughter began having “tics” or Tourette symptoms. It started with a small jerk of the head, and then progressively and quickly got worse. To the point where she would be doing 8-10 different “tics” at a time. We could barely have a conversation with her anymore because of this taking over her body and mind. It was heart breaking and we were desperate to help her. After about a year, we had a blood test done and figured out that she had multiple food issues, we were able to help her a little by cutting out foods - almost everything she loved, and were very limited on what she could eat, but there was still no complete resolution. Fortunately, an acquaintance heard me mention her food issues, and she suggested NAET. We began taking her to Ana a little over a year ago. My daughter also suffered from irrational fear and anxiety, was so pleasantly surprised and excited when she realized how NON-invasive the treatments are!

Ana first tackled the food intolerance, and then moved on to other things - things I would have never thought about affecting my child! She is so in tune with her clients, and makes them her #1 priority. It blew my mind that my daughter could so quickly begin having the things she had just tested as intolerant to! As one allergy would be eliminated, another would surface, but Ana would ask how she was doing and listen to the changes and what seemingly had affected my daughter, and sure enough, she would figure it out - whether it was scent from a marker, cleaner that was used in our favorite restaurant, or ragweed that was beginning to come out & had triggered an emotional response because of the timing of our dog’s passing.

We recently finished her treatments, and Ana has given us tools to use to continue to help strengthen our daughter’s body. I would recommend NAET treatments with Ana to anyone having ANY kind of health issue. She was an answer to prayer and I truly believe she was God’s plan for my daughter’s life. I really can’t say enough about how she has helped us! Thank you Ana!!”

+ CAROL DURAN: "She listened, tested me, treated me and I started my journey of healing without drugs or any side effects." READ MORE

“After visiting Urgent Care, a DO, a rheumatologist, a dermatologist, a naturopath, many tests and several prescriptions, the skin condition I had continued to get worse. It was suggested to me that I might consider NAET and I found Ana Mahoney. She listened, tested me, treated me and I started my journey of healing without drugs or any side effects. Although healing didn’t happen overnight, Ana treated and encouraged me as my skin condition improved and my immune system became stronger. If you are experiencing medical challenges, I strongly encourage you to consider Ana Mahoney of NAET Virginia as an alternative treatment.”

+ JULIE: "Ana’s services are a one stop shop for mind, body and spirit." READ MORE

“I initially went to get allergy testing, but she has since treated many other psychological issues, as well as expand mental limitations I might have with some of the foods I ate. The information she has taught me has worked wonders on my thinking processes, and I would recommend her ongoing services to anyone.”

+ BRIDGET G, VA: “NAET has paved the way to my freedom from allergies. READ MORE

"I was highly allergic to cats, tomatoes, and tree pollen. After NAET treatments I can now be in an environment with cats and not have my eyes watering, sneezing fits, and itching. Also, I can now eat raw tomatoes without my mouth breaking out with ulcers (canker sores). Tree pollen has always been the worst in March, so I will confirm level of reaction when spring arrives in 2018. Ana is amazing to work with. I learned so much about how my body perceives and processes information from our environment physical and emotional. I’ve been given tools to help my body if any future occurrences arise. Thank you Ana! I greatly appreciate your passion and pursuit in helping my body heal.”

+ AYSHA, MIDLOTHIAN, VA: "Us learning about NAET and meeting Mrs. Ana was a god sent miracle! The treatments have truly cured our son, and more than that, taught us so much more and has really opened our eyes about what it takes to be truly healthy!" READ MORE

“I would like to share my experience with NAET and Mrs. Ana and hope that whoever comes across this will find it very helpful in making the best decision for themselves or their loved ones.

Our experience with our son and NAET has been nothing short of a miracle. It scares me to even think of what our lives would have been if we did not find out about NAET treatments and Mrs. Ana. My son, who is about to turn 2 in May, was diagnosed with an incurable disease last year in June. He was diagnosed with EoE, which is a stomach disease in which basically your body is allergic to anything and everything. In simpler words, your body will not allow you to eat anything. He had the appetite to eat, as any normal energetic toddler would have, but his body would not allow him to eat. He was throwing up after every and any meal or milk. He was at a point where he would gag just looking at food. Long story short, we were told that medically, this disease is only treatable, not curable. We saw different specialists and lost all hope of any normal life for our son. We were looking at a long road of steroids and chemically made foods and a bare minimum diet. We would also be most likely facing side effects of steroids and were just at a dead end. Our son’s health was so poor at one point that we were going to be faced with having a feeding tube put in him just to get him to a healthy weight. Eventually the steroids and medicines kicked in, and he was slowly regaining his strength and weight, but at a cost of side effects from the steroids.

As you can imagine, we were desperate to find something, someone, or just anything out there relatable to what we were going through. One night, my husband and I came across a woman blogging about the same exact case we were going through and how she found out about NAET. Her son was about the same age and had the same scenario as our son when she started taking her son for NAET treatments. And to our disbelief, he was CURED! At this point, we did not even care about details and the next day made an appointment with an NAET specialist in our area. Us learning about NAET and meeting Mrs. Ana was a god sent miracle! The treatments have truly cured our son, and more than that, taught us so much more and has really opened our eyes about what it takes to be truly healthy! Mrs. Ana is a truly kind, and caring person and takes her work very seriously. She has gone above and beyond in making sure that we were comfortable with the treatments and was available any time to answer any questions that we had. She truly became a part of our every day lives and made us feel so welcome and at peace whenever we met. She takes great pride in her work and is one of the most passionate and dedicated professions I have met in a long time. We don’t even like to think about what our lives would have been like if we did not come across NAET.

To anyone who is reading this and has any doubts at all, know that as a mom, who had a very, very sick baby, can guarantee that this works and our son is a walking miracle as proof to that!”

+ BRADY S. MIDLOTHIAN, VA: "I was able to eat everything that all my family members ate! It was so much fun! I am glad I can eat so many things!" READ MORE

“Dear Ms. Ana,

Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I very much appreciate it. Right now it is Thursday Dec 18, 2014. I will write to you once I have eaten the food.

Now it is Dec 23, 2014. We have made and ate egg nog, sugar cookies with frosting, peanut butter truffles, chocolate chip cookies, and cookie dough!! I loved them! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Now it is Dec 24, 2014. I was able to eat everything that all my family members ate! It was so much fun! I am glad I can eat so many things!

Now it is Dec. 25, 2014. I got to eat so much stuff like sweet potatoes, fruit salad, and fudge that I almost exploded!


+ SID S. MIDLOTHIAN, VA: "Miraculously, after a couple months of treatments, my allergy is gone and I am once again enjoying all types of nuts." READ MORE

“I love all types of nuts. This summer, I developed an allergy to nuts that resulted in my throat feeling constricted when I ate only a few nuts – peanuts, almonds, pecans. After a month of this not going away and actually getting worse, I knew I needed assistance. My wife and daughter had been successfully treated by Ana Mahoney using NAET, so I gave it a try based on their success. Miraculously, after a couple months of treatments, my allergy is gone and I am once again enjoying all types of nuts. Ana is extremely knowledgeable, but also very perceptive and intuitive, and I was thoroughly impressed by her ability to remove my allergies.”

+ CHRISTY: “When I came to Ana for NAET, it felt like my last shot at health." READ MORE

I had spent 4 years going from doctor to doctor. Being hospitalized for unknown heart problems. Every test would come back with no answers and I was getting more sick each day. I could not care for my children anymore and at times myself. Someone told me about NAET and I thought “I have nothing to lose”. I thought it if this does not work, than some day in the next year my heart will stop and I will die, and no one will ever know why.

I have been receiving NAET treatments from Ana for a year now. I no longer need a nanny to help me with my two children. I bounce out of bed every morning ready to face a day and have not been in the hospital with heart conditions for over a year now. I no longer lay in bed or on a couch all day but instead am running through the yard playing soccer with my kids with no ill effects.

Ana listens to her patients and not only treats your symptoms, but desires to find out the reason why you are in the state you are in. It is not a pill to cover symptoms; the cause of your problems is being treated and removed from your body. I will be forever grateful for Ana’s dedication and caring treatment of me through NAET.”

+ OLGA: "David’s condition has improved a lot since he has been treated by Ana." READ MORE

“My son David has suffered allergic reactions that caused him severe eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions. David’s condition has improved a lot since he has been treated by Ana. Before the treatments, foods and other substances made him sick, but now he can eat all those foods without allergic reactions (nuts, peanuts, corn, wheat etc.). Before the treatments, I would have to pick up David from school very often due to his allergic reactions, but this year he has not missed any school days due to allergies. His skin has improved considerably and his skin is smooth. He has an occasional flare up and we can now identify the trigger and treat him to eliminate the allergy. I can testify that these treatments have worked really well for my son.”

+ K.H., VA: "My two girls and I have been working with Ana for over six months. Her NAET treatments + the GAPS diet combined have been a wonderful program for restoring health to our family." READ MORE

“Much of the improvement is incremental, but one particular treatment stands out. My youngest daughter awoke one morning when she was almost two years old. She had a swollen forehead and had started falling over for seemingly no reason at all. We took her to the pediatrician’s office. Then MCV. Then Johns Hopkins. We consulted specialist after specialist, fourteen in total before it was all said and done.

The doctors gave her the diagnosis of ataxia. Fast forward almost three YEARS... Her ataxia / balance disorder was still an issue and it was very frustrating to her. She lost her balance randomly and felt dizzy much of the time, although afternoons were the worst for her. Ana told me she thought it could be related to a bacteria/virus transferred from one of our dogs and treated my daughter first with magnets and then with NAET. The next day my daughter happily told me she wasn’t dizzy. She has never had a dizzy day since that time and has been a much happier kid as well. This is just one of our many magical NAET moments. We are very thankful for NAET and thankful that Ana is practicing here in RVA!"


”Not only am I back to my normal self and able to enjoy most foods again, but we were able to discover and correct a couple other chronic issues. My hormonal, immune, and emotional health have also greatly improved with these treatments!"

+ MARY RUTH. WILLIAMSBURG, VA: "Ana Mahoney is a skilled, knowledgable, experienced and caring practitioner of NAET whose services I would recommend to anyone." READ MORE

“Thirteen months ago, I was suffering from severe rashes on several parts of my body. My dermatologist was of little help, ultimately sending me off with a prescription for 1 lb jars of cortisone cream, which I had told her didn’t help me. I even had to go to urgent care at one point and get a course of Prednisone because the itching and inflammation was so bad. It was then I knew I had to seek some form of alternative health care if I wanted to get well. Several years ago I had been introduced to NAET in another state and had gotten good results so I looked up local practitioners (I live in Williamsburg, VA, 50 miles from Richmond). It was clear from Ana’s website that this was where I needed to go: NAET Virginia. Since then I have had many visits to her office and during each visit I was treated for several of my multitudes of allergies: From vitamins, to chemicals to foods of all kinds, to many plants, trees and grasses and on to several of my inherited metabolic pathway deficiencies: I was a prime candidate for NAET. And in on top of that, many times during these treatments I had emotional blockages to my energies that had to be resolved before I could be treated…it was here that I learned that Ana was also very skilled at psychological diagnosis, therapy and counseling.

But the skill and speed at which she analyzed the information from muscle kinesiology is nothing short of amazing! Even determining the time period when I came in contact with a particular substance. Our bodies hold a tremendous amount of information about our health and wellbeing if only we know how to access it, and without question, Ana knows how to access that information. This was not a fast process because I had so many allergies, and there were times when I thought I’d never be free of the itching. Of course each time I got better, I’d introduce something else into my diet or environment that would set my recovery back but it was best to get all of that cleared away. She has also taught me how to self treat anything that I know is bothering me. This is a true gift!!

One of the biggest gifts I received, however, had nothing to do with my allergies, but with my eyes. I have a specific type of wet Macular Degeneration called Ocular Histoplasmosis due to an infection with a fungus, Histoplasmosis, which I encountered during my childhood in Ohio. I’ve had this condition for at least 38 years and in the past was treated with a hot laser to stop the progression of the disease. As a result I have little central vision in one eye, but I do have peripheral vision. The acuity of this peripheral vision would come and go since I still had episodes of inflammation in the eye which would separate the choroid from the retina and cause major blurring. When I mentioned Histoplasmosis to Ana, she said she could treat for that. And she did, and then boosted me several times with all sorts of substances. The diagnostic OCT scan that my Retina Doctor did after NAET treatment was strikingly improved!! No need to do double blind studies on this treatment. It’s the best my peripheral vision has been in that eye since it was last “lazered” in 2000.

Ana Mahoney is a skilled, knowledgable, experienced and caring practitioner of NAET whose services I would recommend to anyone. Her fees are also very reasonable.”

+ SONIA BLOUGH: "NAET has truly helped me become a happier and healthier person.” READ MORE

“I began NAET unsure of the roots of my various physical symptoms and without any feasible path to getting better. Ana not only helped me physically grow stronger, but also supported me emotionally when I struggled with the changes I was going through and the reactions I experienced. NAET has truly helped me become a happier and healthier person.”

+ ELIZABETH: "I can eat anything, keep up a healthy lifestyle with lots of energy, interact confidently with all social situations, and have a better relationship with my husband and loved ones." READ MORE

“Several years ago I started to see physicians because I was not feeling well. I suffered with fatigue, constipation, acid reflux, indigestion, inability to sleep because of the acid and stomach issues, rapidly declining interest in my friends and/or any social interactions, fertility issues, and an inability to keep up with basic exercise.

I started with thyroid drugs and then the suggested drug use for IBS, reflux, and depression. I was not comfortable with the idea of taking so many medications at the age of 38 so I began to look for other answers. With the aid of acupuncture, I began to realize that I had allergies to the food I was ingesting. When I initially took gluten out of my diet, I began to have a return of my previous energy with a lessening of my digestive issues for the first two years, however within two years I began to feel poorly again. Not only was gluten making me ill, but I was reacting to corn, dairy, and a host of other things.

NAET has changed my life. Within 3 to 4 treatments, I was noticing progress. I was no longer sick every day of my life. Within two months I was rarely sick. And now I can say I feel great every day.

I can eat anything, keep up a healthy lifestyle with lots of energy, interact confidently with all social situations, and have a better relationship with my husband and loved ones. Additionally, I have resolved my life-long issues with pollen, dust, acne, and a sensitivity to most hair & skin-care products. AMAZING!”

+ CAROL: "I would highly recommend Ana’s NAET treatments for those who are suffering from migraines and allergies and have been frustrated by the failure of other approaches.” READ MORE

“I decided to try NAET for my son because he had very bad year-round allergies. Even with over-the-counter allergy medication, he was spending an hour every night at bedtime sniffing and blowing his nose. He also had many headaches. One of his worst allergies was to cats, which was difficult for him because he loves cats. After being treated by Ana, my son is no longer stuffy at bedtime and rarely has headaches. His cat allergy is completely gone.

When I saw that this was working for my son, I decided to try it myself. I have had migraines for about 35 years, which can be severe and debilitating. The migraines were very frequent and would last for many days at a time. I was often taking over-the-counter and prescription medication for the headaches so that I could function. I tried just about everything, including traditional Western medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal supplements, and chiropractic treatments. None of those approaches made any real difference, but NAET did. As I went through Ana’s treatments, my headaches became very rare and often milder. I would estimate that I am only having 20% (at most) as many headaches now as I did prior to treatment. I would highly recommend Ana’s NAET treatments for those who are suffering from migraines and allergies and have been frustrated by the failure of other approaches.”

+ JOHN WINN III. RICHMOND, VA: "If you have environmental or food allergies, you MUST try NAET. Be patient, it works!” READ MORE

“I have been allergic to certain fruits (apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines) and deathly allergic to most nuts since I was 10 or 11 years old. Now, at age 42, I have been liberated from all of these food allergies thanks to NAET. I was very much a skeptic when I began working with Ana. That skepticism melted away on the first day that I took a bite of apple and.... nothing happened! Next came the nuts and now even the sneezing and itchy eyes that I always felt around cats is gone. If you have environmental or food allergies, you MUST try NAET. Be patient, it works!”

+ FRANCES: "The natural and non-invasive reprogramming techniques Ana employed were an awesome healing and enlightening experience. READ MORE

“When I started de-sensitation therapy with Ana Mahoney December 2012 I was suffering from multiple food allergies with reactions on a daily basis. The reactions were extremely painful and included severe full body hives attacks, asthma attacks, severe stomach pain and bloating, bladder infections, daily and relentless, alternating hyper-energy and extreme fatigue, and, insomnia - but only when I ate. Minor cuts and scratches were slow to heal. Functioning daily was extremely difficult at best. Allergy scratch test results were positive to 33 different foods. Traditional doctors, allergists, could not provide a cause, explanation or cure except to say that it was happening for no reason, or that the reactions could subside overtime on their own, maybe. One doctor insisted the reactions after eating were just a coincidence. So, I was prescribed the usual medications for relief - antihistamines, steroids, and topical creams, which provided little relief.

In desperation I searched for answers and it seemed that I was suffering from the damaging side effects of antibiotics and colonoscopies prescribed and performed over the past 10 years. Ana described it as an immune deficiency/malabsorption disorder, related to a damaged digestive tract. When I discussed alternative/natural cures, suggested by doctors on the internet, my doctor retorted he never heard of it and that it was bogus medicine. The natural organic diet recommendations, starting with beef broth only, then gradually adding other foods, came with a 1-2 year cure timeframe with no guarantee and provided no relief for my immediate reactions. I experienced relief from the allergies only if I stopped eating and there were days when I did, or, ate very little. My diet consisted more of antihistamines than food. I lost so much weight, family and friends gawked and wanted to know what had happened to me during Christmas holiday 2012 get-togethers. It would be a gross understatement to say on a scale of 1-10 the quality of my life was -0.

Thank God for Ana Mahoney and NAET. She is a Godsend and an answer to a desperate plea for help. I seriously believe I could not and would not have survived much longer had there been no cure available for this illness. The natural and non-invasive reprogramming techniques Ana employed were an awesome healing and enlightening experience. After about 3 months of sessions, every 2 weeks, most of my food allergy reactions were eliminated. Improvement came with each session. Today, 6 months later, I am nearly allergy free. The few food reactions I experience now are very mild. I can once again enjoy most all foods. A few more sessions, I’m sure, will eliminate the mild allergic reactions completely. Ana, there are no words to express my deep appreciation for you and NAET. I am forever grateful to you and NAET, and, I refer you to all family and friends and acquaintances every chance I get.”

“But most importantly, it is Ana Mahoney with her amazing intuitive ability that makes it all so magical. Thank you Ana for showing me my body’s perspective on why I have been the way I’ve been!”

+ TAMMY: “Going to NAET Virginia and working with Ana Mahoney has been a truly life-changing experience." READ MORE

"I can eat foods I never thought I would be able to eat, do physical activities I never thought I would be able to, and take positive steps forward in my life. My health has improved dramatically in the time that I have been going to NAET Virginia, and in ways Western medicine told me it could never improve. I’m healthier, happier, and couldn’t be more grateful. I would recommend NAET Virginia to anyone.”

+ J.V., RICHMOND, VA: "Ana logically and methodically worked through and eliminated my layers of allergies, allowing me to reestablish my life." READ MORE

“About 2 years ago in the desperation of an insomnia fit brought on by an incessant and incredible itching, I found Ana. I had to reach beyond my desperation and try to logically understand why I was so special that I could feel the biting of minute mites (ones that are around us all the time) but no one else around me could feel them. In a moment of lucid thinking, I deduced that it was an allergy. So I googled Richmond, allergy, and parasite and Ana appeared.

Located just blocks from my home, Ana is the only one that gave me hope. Not my doctor, counselor or family and friends could help. Ana logically and methodically worked through and eliminated my layers of allergies, allowing me to reestablish my life. It took about a year and a half, but was worth every minute and dollar. Now cured and enlightened, any time anyone I come into contact with and tells me they suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, are gluten or lactose intolerant, etc., I recommend Ana. NAET is amazing.”