I believe THAT good nutrition and good health are fundamental rights that everyone should be able to enjoy. 

However, attaining and maintaining these two concepts is hard for most of us. For one, we depend upon agricultural and food processing systems that fail to provide consistent and dependable nutrition that we require. Secondly, land, water sources, plants, and animals we depend on are also not receiving their necessary nutrients—thus compounding the problem.

The form and integrity of nutrients have a direct impact on the performance of all of our body's systems, including the immune, digestive, respiratory, nervous, and hormonal or endocrine systems. We—and our beneficial bacteria—are made out of thousands of organic compounds including vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. A myriad of well-integrated physical systems work continuously to manufacture and transport necessary compounds to specific sites, thus ensuring proper functioning of vital organs and tissues.

I encourage sourcing local foods that are produced in responsible and sustainable operations minimizing processing and preserving nutritional quality. I embrace the return to simple and effective food preparation methods. This embodies the wisdom of traditional practices resulting in enhanced digestibility, nutrient content, and quality of our foods.

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